Small Biz 2013

Small Biz 2013
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This is a great read (I’m sure I say that about every post). This article covers the entire 2013 in ups and downs for small business owners, and wow, what a year it was. Between seismic shifts in government regulations, healthcare policy changes, and the economy steadily ticking upwards – this was a very telling year for small businesses.

Enjoy !

It was a roller-coaster ride for small-business owners this year.

In Washington, during a year defined more by what didn’t get accomplished than what did, there were still high points for entrepreneurs. Many applauded as regulators removed some of the barriers to raising capital and approved another near-record volume of government-backed loans. However, they also watched as lawmakers pumped the brakes on bills to overhaul the tax code and immigration system and, at one point, brought the federal government to a halt.

And, of course, more than anything else, employers clamored to decipher and comply with the monumental new health-care law, which has been welcomed by some business owners and wholeheartedly reviled by many others.

Entire article available here.


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