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The BioTech industry is one of the hottest new niches in the business world, expected to see explosive growth in 2014.
When a young BioTech company came to us – they had a great approach, great products, and had obtained the needed patents to go forward – they were, however, experiencing raising capital to put their dreams in motion.
AUM Partners LLC recognized the potential in this startup, not only in the initial run – but as a company that will be seen and heard from for a long time to come. This company told us their story and what how they wanted to revolutionize their specific area of medical science and technology.
Using our expertise in mapping out a blueprint for funding, we drew up a comprehensive business plan – with a ‘game plan’ for their initial rounds of funding, and which sources of investment would be trustworthy and beneficial for them.

Through our efforts, guidance, and connections – we were able to help this startup raise over half a million dollars. We feel confident that our help in securing this funding will lead to great things in the medical sciences field.

We see bright things for this company and the BioTech field.

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