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Reinforce Energy Drink is not your ordinary energy drink, nor is the company your ordinary beverage manufacturer. The company stands behind many social causes – including education for the less fortunate, women’s rights, providing safe and drinkable water to areas in need, access to top education for lower income areas, and more. These are ethics that AUM-Partners LLC supports and wishes to promote.

When Reinforce Energy came to AUM-Partners LLC, they wanted to assign us the task of getting their product into the market.


Recognizing the potential of this brand and an opportunity to do good. AUM-Partners LLC tapped into its vast network of domestic and international distributors – including Walgreens – to introduce Reinforce Energy to key US markets as well as in Colombia. We positioned the brand using “outside the box” marketing tactics – incorporating street teams, brand ambassadors, and creating a buzz through our social media channels.

Reinforce and AUM-Partners LLC have a shared vision in combining world class business practices and using our knowledge and resources to giving back to people and communities in need.

Reinforce Energy is now ready for launch in two countries. The best is yet to come.

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