Every now and then, even the best run companies need another perspective.

AUM Partners LLC specializes in organizational change management, corporate training, skills development, technology implementation, strategy development, improving operational efficiency, and more. Our well trained management consultants have been nurtured to bring proprietary solutions to each unique situation, while working within the framework of what our clients need and within the culture that our clients operate.

We specialize in Brand Development, Operational Management, Sales and Business Development, Brand Strategy, and more.

  • We had been knowing the founder since 2005.They joined AlfaGene Bio-sciences as Operational Management Advisor/ consultant of the company. AUM partners LLC streamlined many tasks such as corporate identity, billing and customer services thus incresing our bottom line and profits. AUM partners LLC was reporting directly to the CEO of the company.

    - Dr Javed Siddiqui, COO, Alfagene bioscience Inc

  • Aum Partners LLC is a very driven company which exudes the highest degree of efficiency. We look forward to working with them currently and in the near future.

    - Supply Chain Director, The Pharma Network

  • Working with AUM Partners LLC, they were very professional, knowledgeable. And gave really good advice on Marketing Strategies. I would highly recommend them.

    - Celestina Puglese, CEO, Ready Chek Glo

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